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Panaglobe LicenseHandler
Activation code and license handling module for .NET developers

Panaglobe LicenseHandler logoThe Panaglobe LicenseHandler is a free C#.NET module for developers. This module can verify activation codes and handle license type and activation of your software. Just include Panaglobe LicenseHandler to your software, get activation codes and sell your software.

With this module you can protect your .NET software, and you can avoid unwanted or illegal copies of your software. This module can handle activation codes, and your software  can decide between trial and full modes by provided functions.

Want you limit your software to a trial period? You can implement this with few steps and this module. Just specify a trial period and ask installation date from Panaglobe LicenseHandler, you can decide that the user can use the software or it must be activated to further using.

The LicenseHandler module is free, therefore just you should download it, then you can use it immediately. Before using, read help document, that will help you to include Panaglobe LicenseHandler to your software.


The Panaglobe LicenseHandler requires:

  • Microsoft .NET 3.5 SP1
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 or newer version
  • C#.NET development experiences
  • Microsoft Windows XP/Vista or Windows7 operation systems or Windows Server 2003, 2008 server operation systems
  • About 3 MB free disc space to install sample application and documentation.
  • Windows Live ID to get Product ID and activation codes

Supported environments

The Panaglobe LicenseHandler is supporting 32 bit and 64 bit environments too.

Product ID

You can get unique product ID for free. Just you should sign in with your Windows Live ID to this website and you can manage your products and activation codes.

A product ID can be deleted until it has only a trial activation code. After generating more activation codes to a product, you can't delete it, but you can rename or generate further activation codes.

Activation codes

Each project can contain a trial activation code for free. You must generate it before you can get real activation codes. But this trial activation code will your activation code while you test your application.

if you want to sell your application you can purchase further activation codes here to your product. Therefore you haven't risks, you can get activation code for your customer when you must give it to your customer.