Creating better things

When we are working on an application, the most important thing is user. The goal: creating user interfaces those can be used by everybody. Don't let "Pilot-exam" be required to using the new application.

We don't like the difficult and complex environments. Let interfaces be well formed, useful and nice. Time's up for gray boxes. If a website can be designed, elegant and attractive, a desktop software why can't? Therefore the Panaglobe tries to plan and design such applications.

The Panaglobe is a developer-team with few members. The number of members depends on current tasks. We are creating desktop and web applications, services. Sometimes the Panaglobe implements modules and plug-ins for third-party applications.

The Panaglobe creates Silverlight and WPF applications also. We are working with Microsoft.NET. Our preferred language is C#

Results and awards

Panaglobe Watermarker


Panaglobe Silverlight PhotoBrowser

Panaglobe Watermarker video tutorial at Download Panaglobe Watermarker from www.Soft-Go.Com