Panaglobe Watermarker
Batch image watermark, resize and converter software for Windows

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The Panaglobe Watermarker is a simple tool to prepare your images to upload to Internet or share on image sharing systems in batch process. Use the Panaglobe Watermarker to resize, rotate or convert more hundred images at a time.

You can resize images or place watermark to your pictures, rotate and sort pictures. When you finished it, export all and you can upload prepared images immediately.

The Panaglobe Watermarker an easy and useful tool to web editors, photographers, families to handle many pictures in batch. You don't need to use more softwares to resize and prepare pictures for web publishing. Just copy your photos from camera to your computer, drag all into Watermarker, remove unsuccessful pictures, rotate pictures, place a watermark, set new size, then export all. New files are ready to publishing.

Panaglobe Watermarker video tutorial at Panaglobe Watermarker antivirus scan report at

Panaglobe Watermarker won DownloadTube Top software award. They wrote: Panaglobe Watermarker is a simple to use watermarking tool that support the processing of multiple images in batch

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Panaglobe Watermarker 1.2 has been released

The Panaglobe Watermarker 1.2 has been finished and now it's available. You can download it from here. The new version contains some new features, few fixes and a new licensing model.

What's new in Panaglobe Watermarker 1.2

  • Hungarian language support
  • Single image export
  • Keyboard and shortcut supporting
  • Version checking
  • Now you can specify the file format of exported images
  • More stability, faster and better than previous version

If you have purchased Panaglobe Watermarker 1.0 you will get this version for free within few days. If you haven't full version yet, purchase now. The next minor versions will be available for you for free.

Coming soon

We are working on German language extension now. This version will be available for free for all purchased versions.

Following pictures demonstrates using of Panaglobe Watermarker. You can download shareware version of this software now from this site. Try possibilities of Panaglobe Watermarker and purchase it. Now you can buy it for only 9.90 USD.

System requirements

  • Microsoft Windows XP or newer operation system. Tested on Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 (32 and 64 bit), Windows Server 2008 (32 and 64 bit)
  • At least 256 MB RAM
  • Installed Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 . If you haven't installed .NET Framework, the application setup will download and install it, but this installation can be slow or very slow (depends on your computer and Internet bandwidth)
  • A video card that supports DirectX
  • About 10 MB free space on your local hard disc to install

License types


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You will get your activation code immediately while processing your transaction.

Panaglobe Watermarker Trial version You can try Panaglobe Watermarker. It has almost full functionality with some limitation. Download it, install and try it.


  • You can handle five images at a time.
  • You can't change global placement of watermark
  • You can't disable version checking


Panaglobe Watermarker Full version: You can purchase activation code for Panaglobe Watermarker. Purchased license grants using of this software on one computer at a time. 

Before purchasing download trial version, install it and read license conditions in its help or read it here.

Initial price: 9.90 USD 

How can you activate Panaglobe Watermarker?

Click on Buy Now button. Buy a full license. You will get an e-mail with dedicated License Agreement and activation code. Launch Panaglobe Watermarker Activator. Type given activation code to Activator and you can use your downloaded Panaglobe Watermarker with all functions. No more limitations.