The Panaglobe LicenseHandler is a free C#.NET module for developers. This module can verify activation codes and handle license type and activation of your software. Just include Panaglobe LicenseHandler to your software, get activation codes and sell your software.

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Panaglobe Watermarker
The Panaglobe Watermarker is a simple tool to prepare your images to upload to Internet or share on image sharing systems. Just you should create a new Watermarker project, import images, rotate and resize them, select a watermark image preset them, then export images to a specified folder or with overwrite original files. Now you can upload or share rotated resized and watermarked images.

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Silverlight PhotoBrowser
The Panaglobe Silverlight PhotoBrowser has been released. This is a full featured client photo browser application with server side services for developers. The developers can reuse an fit to developed web site and can get a user-friend photo browser application quickly.
The client side is also customizable or localizable by editing source code.

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